Fall Annual Meeting (10/14/17)

The annual NSCGA Fall membership meeting will take place Saturday, October 14, 2017, 10 am – 12 pm at the 2nd district police station on Idaho Avenue, followed by our usual community work day.

One of our long-serving NSCGA board members is leaving at the expiration of his term, and two are up for re-election.
Please consider stepping up to taker a more active part in our wonderful community garden.

At the Fall meeting, we will accept nominations from the floor and vote on 3 board positions:
– one of which will be vacated (Special Projects)
– and two of which the term has expired and are up for re-election (Membership and Garden Services)

If you would like to be nominated at the meeting, please e-mail me at newarkstcommunitygarden@gmail.com and indicate for which position. We will also take nominations on an ad-hoc basis from the floor at the meeting.

We will also be discussing the effects of the homeless shelter construction on our gardens.

We are proud, and grateful for our community garden – which has never been in better shape then it is today;  let’s keep it that way.

See you on Saturday, October 14, at 10 a.m.

Maureen Spagnolo
NSCGA President
Newark Street Community Garden Association
Fall 2017 Meeting
1. Membership update (Steve)
2. Treasury report (Hillah)
3. Committee chair reports
4. Nominations and elections
     – Board positions/committee chairs (3)
            Garden Services
            Special Projects
5. Miscellaneous
6. The construction of the homeless shelter and garage as it will affect our gardens (namely, the wall will come down).
7. Tasks to be accomplished after meeting:
         -Helping Gardeners move their plants from wall plots (need about 10 people)
         – Compost
         – Labeling hoses (for next year)
         – Trash pick-up
         – Cleaning shed, and tools
         – Beautification plots

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