Board of Directors (as of 10/22)

Ryan Fitzgerald, President
Marilyn Jones, Vice President
Jennifer Baxter
Kate Gehle
Alice Luxardo
Lynn Rothberg
Charlyce Wilson

Volunteer Responsibilities

Children’s Garden: Hillary Anderson, Jennifer Precht
Communications: Charlyce Wilson (chair), Elizabeth Terry, Jon Mormino, William Bonner, Trudy Reeves
Garden Services: Kate Gehle (chair), Susan Akman, Bill Bonner, Ryan Fitzgerald, Jon Mormino
Membership: Jennifer Baxter Harris (chair), Lynn Rothberg
Rules: Marilyn Jones (chair), William Bonner
Secretary (officer) and Scribe: Rhiannon Schroth
Social Chair: Bea Gordon
Treasurer: Alice Luxardo
Volunteer Coordinator: Chris Maloy

Associated Organizations

Community Compost Co-op (kitchen scraps): Paul Basola, Kelly Reid, Damien Clark

To contact garden personnel who don’t have email addresses linked above, please send a message to indicating where you would like your message directed.

Garden members who wish to suggest agenda items for meetings should likewise contact the president.

(Coming soon: updated organizational chart)