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About Us

Located in the Cathedral Heights neighborhood, the Newark Street Community Garden (NSCG), an organic community garden, shares space with three tennis courts, a dog park, a children’s playground, and a picnic area.  NSCG was established as a community garden in 1974 by local resident Anne Chase as part of National Food Day.  Gardener Peggie Lewis compiled a history of the garden in April 2017.

The land is owned by the city and under the control of the Department of Parks and Recreation.  Carol Wolfe produced a short video about the garden in May 2013.


Board of Directors:
Maureen Spagnolo, President
Felicity Amos
William Bonner, Communications
Jane Brookstein
Steve Gordon, Membership
Jon Mormino, Garden Services
Lynn Rothberg, Vice President

Non-Board Positions:
Paul Basola, Special Projects
Hillah Culman, Treasurer
Cathy Winer, Scribe/Secretary
Sally Winthrop, Archivist

Rules Committee:
Jane Brookstein
Maureen Breslin
Elke Matthaeus

Become a Member

All residents of the District of Columbia are eligible to become plot owners.  Plot owners must maintain their plots in good order, pay a nominal annual fee, and contribute to community work days.

5/29/18 wait list update: we have opened the wait list for applications.  Please note that it might take two or more growing seasons for us to work through the entire list.  You may join the wait list by following this application link.

Children’s Garden

The Children’s Garden was established in 2004 as part of the garden’s 30th birthday celebration.  Children’s learning opportunities include sessions during the growing season for pre-schoolers to look at worms, plant seeds, water and harvest their produce and flowers.  The programs are open to children in the neighborhood and designed for the child 2-6 years of age.  Notices are usually posted at the Newark Playground, and an e-mail list is maintained for parents wanting to be notified of dates and times.  The children’s garden and programs are coordinated by volunteers from the Newark Street Community Garden.  For more information or to be included on the e-mail list please contact  Susan Akman <>.